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How much do documents cost?

The amount we charge depends on two primary factors–1. who the managing agent is and 2. if you are ordering a full or partial package.  The various managing agents have different price schedules for a full package that range between $285-$475 per Association.   To obtain a price on a specific Homeowner’s Association, give us a call or send us a note from our contact page. We will quote you a firm price right away.

Who pays how and when?

Nobody pays until the escrow has closed.  We email the bill to the escrow office (you get a copy) and escrow will deduct our fee from the seller or buyer at close of escrow (depending on the terms of the contract).  

Who pays if the contract cancels?

No one pays.  Provided that when you reopen escrow with a new buyer, you place a new order. We will then send you an updated documents package. 

How are the documents organized?

Our documents are organized with section dividers for all the major categories as per M-1 and are delivered as a single set of easy-to-read documents.  

How and when will my docs be delivered?

We will email you the documents.  We usually provide documents within 2-3 business days, and email you with updates as soon as we receive them.  

What if I need my docs fast?

We will rush your documents.  We email docs from our files to you within one business day of ordering for a $35 rush fee.  If updates are needed, we will email them ASAP.  We can mail a CD document set via Priority Mail for an additional $35.00.

Can I get my docs on a CD?

Yes.  We will prepare your documents on a CD for $35.   We can make them available for pick up at your escrow office at no extra cost.  If you would like them mailed, there is an additional $10 shipping and handling fee.

How are updates to doc orders provided?

We send all updates via email.  This allows you to pass them on quickly to the buyers’ agent.

Why do some Homeowners’ documents take longer than others?

There are several reasons for this.  Most commonly, it is dependent upon the procedures of the HOA’s managing agent.  Some managing agents complete requests within a couple of days, most take 3-5 business days, and some require up to 10 full business days.  We deliver the documents we have on file within 2-3 days, and then send you the updates once we receive them.  

Where can I find the list of Associations whose documents you carry?

Click here for the full list.  You can also download a PDF version of the list here.

Why do some properties have more than one HOA?

Some Associations have a master association.  For example, there are several Associations within Ka`anapali Golf Estates including the Pinnacle, Vintage, the Summit, and Summit Estates.  Each of these Associations has its own managing agent and a full set of documents.

Why are there fields on the order form that say “N/A”?

Our form is derived from the M-1 section of the contract.  Certain items like CC&Rs, Subdivision and Title Documents are not part of the Homeowners’ Association.  See the Title Report and ask your escrow officer.